Technical Appendix: The Social and Human Service Impacts of Shale Oil & Gas Extraction on Counties in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio

Read the Report: The Shale Tipping Point: The Relationship of Drilling to Crime, Traffic Fatalities, STDS, and Rents in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio

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Chapter 1 - State and county drilling trends

  • Chapter 1 and Appendix A Tables (EXCEL)
  • AppendixA.dta (STATA) (forthcoming)

Chapter 2 - Job growth

  • Chapter 2 and Appendix Tables B (EXCEL)
  • AppendixB.dta (STATA)

Chapter 3 - Population change

  • Chapter 3 and Appendix Tables C (EXCEL)
  • AppendixC.dta (STATA)

Chapter 4 - Crime

  • Chapter 4 and Appendix Tables D (EXCEL)
  • AppendixD.dta (STATA)

Chapter 5 - Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Chapter 5 and Appendix Tables E (EXCEL)
  • AppendixE.dta (STATA)

Chapter 6 - Motor vehicle fatalities

  • Chapter 6 and Appendix Tables F (EXCEL)
  • AppendixF.dta (STATA)

Chapter 7 - Rental housing markets

  • Chapter and Appendix Tables (EXCEL)
  • Chapter 7 Home Owner (EXCEL)
  • Chatper 7 West Virginia (EXCEL)
  • AppendixG.dta (STATA)

Chapter 8 - Other Pennsylvania specific impacts

  • Chapter and Appendix Tables (EXCEL)